"There is no beginning too small."

- Thoreau

The Importance

Meditation is the practice of taking the time to be with yourself and holding your attention on a single point, usually the breath. When the mind wanders, return the attention to the breath. There may come a time when you feel completely present and are very connected to the sensations of breathing. In these moments, you may notice that the thinking mind has become quite still and you feel a deep sense of peace. This experience often becomes more frequent with practice.

Mindfulness encourages you to notice when thoughts, worries, judgments, sensations, regrets, etc. pull you away and then intentionally return to the breath. Through this practice we grow to understand the nature of the mind. If anger is occurring, we can recognize anger as a mental state. Staying with the feeling may allow it to dissolve, disappear or change into something else. Sometimes we see that it is our own thinking, which we believe is “the truth”, that causes our pain.

Meditation enables us to recognize repetitive thought patterns, gain perspective and act on it; a process that empowers us to take control of our lives.

Research has shown benefits of increased well-being, health and happiness, heightened awareness, clarity, focus, compassion and openness.

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program is a proven way to incorporate meditation into our everyday lives.

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